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Re: A bug in Google Link Search?

__/ [www.1-script.com] on Friday 11 November 2005 20:36 \__

> Bryan wrote:
>> Hi,
>> 1. According to the Googleguide below, we can find the links to the
>> Google home page not on Google's own site by the search terms:
>> link:www.google.com -site:google.com
>> The result came out as 9,530 pages.
>> And we all know that finding the links to the Google is:
>> link:www.google.com,
>> which came out as 3,830,000 pages.
>> So can we say that the pages which have links to www.google.com and are
>> in the site of google.com is around 3,830,000-9,530, which is
>> 3,820,000.
>> We executed this search by link:www.google.com +site:google.com,
>> coming out as 44 web pages.
>> Is that weird?
>> 2. We continued to do another test on the same mechanism.
>> link:www.nsdl.org -site:nsdl.org which came out only one result. It is
>> obviously incorrect since if we do the link:www.nsdl.org. We can find a
>> bunch of web pages linking to this nsdl.org but not belong to itself.
>> So can anybody answer about this?
> Umm... maybe because great many people link to google.com instead of
> www.google.com that affects your results: you are looking for links to
> www.xxx.com whereas you elimitating the site as xxx.com from your search?

Could the explanation possibly lie _here_?


  November 11, 2005 @ 3:08 pm Pacific time (so I imagine)

You know it?s a slow day in the search industry when folks are talking about
cache: not working. It was a transient issue that most people didn?t see,
but the right people knew about it a few hours ago, so it?s either already
fixed or gonna be soon. Thanks to TW and SEW for noticing.

So, a query like 'site:example.org' might be affected and 'misbehave'.


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