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Re: Jagger1, Jagger2, Jagger3, what'd they each do?

__/ [WhoTurnedOffTheLights] on Tuesday 15 November 2005 18:37 \__

> "Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:dld7m6$nuu$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> Sooner or later people will perceive Google the way same Microsoft is
>> perceived by most. Some suggest it is the case already, but let's remember
>> that Google are Open Source-oriented. It appears to be /size/ that make
>> them
>> evil as they soon become a monopoly that is difficult to compete with.
>> Microsoft's crimes: bundling of software, acquisition of small companies,
>> proprietary software, etc.
>> Google crimes: privacy is compromised, algorithms get misused, one product
>> relies on or benefits another. This leads to dependability.
>> My two cents...
> Yup, I agree.
> Personally, I find MSN to be providing very good search results. I can't
> help but think of how folks' use of Google might very well be attributed to
> the widespread use of the Google Name. You'll hear it mentioned on
> television shows, "I googled this..." & "I googled that..." amongst other
> places.
> All one needs is to do a search for "Google now a verb" and find how
> embedded in our minds the google name has become.
> Like a trained robot, I still use google for my personal searches even
> though subconciously I know full well that at the moment, I'd be better off
> using MSN. Funny isn't it?

>From what I can gather, MSN is still inaccurate in many cases. Yahoo is said
to be okay, but it is slow, messy, and still plagued with spam.

People like to praise what is different on occasions, namely MSN and Yahoo. I
agree that there is a certain lock-in within people's minds. Only yesterday
my supervisor used Google as a verb (I refuse to do so myself) and in the
film Constant Gardener, which happened to watch last weekend, Google was
mentioned as if it was the holy grail of Web search. It makes me want to
hurl. It even annoys me when Coca Cola pay filmmakers to have the stars
drink from a conspicuously branded can.


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