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Re: Thunderbird - disabling 'mark message as read'

__/ [Rico] on Saturday 12 November 2005 11:34 \__

> On Fri, 11 Nov 2005 14:56:42 +0000, Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> ...No intention of giving a fuckwit answer here, but if it is highlighted,
>> then it is be to be read, at least by definition.
> What good is it to take away the option of Thunderbird not taking any
> action and leaving it to the user to decide when the message or the batch
> of messages has been read? Thereby enabling Thunderbird to fulfill the
> user's own definition of 'read'.
> This default 'definition' can be implemented by having the checkbox active
> at install-time. But it's ridiculous that when the box is unchecked then
> Thunderbird takes it to mean that messages are to be set as read as soon
> as they are highlighted. It's a waste since we already have the ability to
> set the number of seconds to 0 for that.
>> Speaking of which, I am not entirely sure that Outlook Express, as just
>> one example among many, provides the option which you describe above. I
>> can recall that "number of seconds" variable, but I am not sure if there
>> was a corresponding enable/disable checkbox nearby.
> There is. Just like in Thunderbird. The difference being that even the
> infamous O.E gets that right, by disabling the 'number of seconds' textbox
> when the nearby checkbox is unchecked. That's a clear indication that
> marking as 'Read' is all up to the user's manual intervention.
>> Don't forget that as well as read/unread status, there is flagging,
>> categories, urgency, etc. You can use these as an alternative.
> Thanks. I'll think about it.
> Rico.

What happens if you try a timeout of -1? Is the range 0 to 50,000 or what-
ever  being  forced? is there a so-called hidden Thunderbird option  which
sits in its profile directory among one of the JavaScript files?

It's worth investigating this because you are very right. You are probably
not  the only person to have thought about it either. My last comment  re-
garding labels was partially motivated by the fact that I can inadvertedly
mark  messages as read, in which case they no longer appear in my inbox. I
now  see only message that are "1 day old" OR "unread" OR "labelled impor-
tant"  OR "marked new, i.e. just downloaded", which covers pretty much ev-


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