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Re: Replacing a jpg with a swf ?

__/ [Eric Johnston] on Thursday 17 November 2005 09:12 \__

> "Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:dlgrv8$fr$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> __/ [Tony] on Wednesday 16 November 2005 21:46 \__
>>> Eric Johnston wrote:
>>>> People are pulling an image from my site to use in ebay, blogs and
>>>> similar
>>>> postings.  I don't mind too much - it is not a problem at all.   Could I
>>>> make a server re-direct from image.jpg to image.swf  and send out an
>>>> image
>>>> that would incorporate a clickable link back to me ?  I have no idea
>>>> about
>>>> flash or how to create a clickable flash image file from the jpg or if
>>>> the
>>>> idea would work....
>>> [ ...]
>> Sorry about my ignorance, but how will
>> <img src="http://example.org/image.jpg"; />
>> get rendered if converted to
>> <img src="http://example.org/image.swf"; />
>> [...]
> I am now more doubtful that the flash idea can be made to work.  The lack
> of
> an <object> may stop the browser processing the swf flash image.  Maybe I
> could send out image.gif instead of image.jpg and using an animated gif I
> could then get a visual text advert displayed briefly every 15 seconds.
> Eric.

Depending  on  how *briefly* (e.g. 7.5 seconds would need 3  frames),  you
might  have  to incorporate many layers, in which case file size will  in-
flate enormously. If it's a JPEG that is HotLinked, you will possibly lose
quality  too.  Either way, the GIMP can do all of this and there is  place
for re-use.


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