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Re: amaroK

__/ [Kier] on Friday 18 November 2005 13:07 \__

> On Fri, 18 Nov 2005 00:51:03 -0700, Tom Shelton wrote:
>> This is a really, really nice media player.  Simple, fairly stylish
>> interface with an awful lot of functionality.  It even plays my .wma
>> files,
>> since I can have it use xine as the playback engine...  The only complaint
>> I have so far, is that I can't add *.wma to my collection.
> I do like amaroK a lot, too, though I tend to use Xmms more often, because
> I listen to a lot of Shoutcast stuff, and I totally agree its a terrific
> media player and organiser. A great app with a bright future.

It  is  my favourite KDE application at the moment. I love so many of  its
album  management features, but I just wish it was slightly more stable. I
still  use XMMS at work, but it requires quite a bit of manual handling of
playlists  or  occasional "Jump to track". After AmaroK, XMMS  just  seems
like  a waste of time and a significant step back. I raised that as an is-
sue  in the XMMS users mailing list recently and it is still unknown  when
XMMS 2 will come out. With Amarok, it sometimes feels like XMMS betrayal.


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