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Re: SuSE 10.1 (GNOME) Screenshots

__/ [houghi] on Saturday 19 November 2005 06:34 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> Screenshot gallery just out:
>> http://shots.osdir.com/slideshows/slideshow.php?release=506&slide=6
>> I don't like the looks of that. I still long for KDE as the default WM.
>> Either way, this is the alpha 3 of SuSE 10.1. I imagine that this move to
>> GNOME is the reason for the point one?... SuSE 9.1 comes to mind, so
>> probably not.
> You mean like the screenshots of KDE that are in the same gallery that
> you pointed to?
> http://shots.osdir.com/slideshows/slideshow.php?release=506&slide=35
> So I asume you did not sleep well and did not pay attention that you
> still can choose KDE as your enviroment of choice during installation.

No,  I actually know about that. I even posted a link to an article  which
emphasises  that. Yet, the move to GNOME as default WM means that KDE will
receive  less attention (development). Most SuSE machines will run  GNOME,
so it will be more difficult to persuade people to boot into SuSE.

Only  yesterday,  a colleague of mine refused to use SuSE because  Firefox
did  not give him smooth scrolling (which actually is an option, unset  by
default).  GNOME  just isn't polished, so few Mac or Windows fanatic  will
find  it appealing; appalling rather. People judge by looks, at least pri-
marily.  The brown Ubuntu is a deterrent to many. Knowing what KDE has  in
store, I think SuSE put their money on the wrong table.

> <slides>
> If I look only at the screenshots, the differences are merely cosmetic.
> Some different colors, some different icons. really nothing to moan
> about. So just install it and pick your poison.

Yes, I guess you are right.


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