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Re: Keylogging Hacks

__/ [Leo Fellmann] on Saturday 19 November 2005 17:31 \__

> erewhon wrote:
>>>The answer is clear - two-factor authentication.
>>>It doesn't matter if they keylog me - well, it does because they see what
>>>I do, but they can't use that information to gain access a second time.
>>>They would have to steal my token and somehow learn its activation code
>>>for this.
>> Entrust solution costs around $4 a year - I'm sure that is not cost
>> prohibitive
>> http://www.entrust.com/strong-authentication/identityguard/calculator.cfm
> Maybe, for those of us who have neither the time or patience to wade
> through a set of webpages blithering on about empowermnet and integrated
> solutions etc etc, could you actually tell us what it is they provide?
> Their marketing dept. doesn't seem to be keen on stating this in a
> comprehensible manner.

The site design is slightly flawed. The fonts are two small and I agree that
there is technical specification rather than a nice tour. Actually, now that
I take a deeper look, I can see something more clear:



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