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Re: Proprietry software company turns opensource.

__/ [William Poaster] on Sunday 20 November 2005 16:54 \__

> "Software development company, Akiva has been around since
> 1999, creating *proprietary* collaboration software for companies that
> rely on instant messaging, video conferencing, and email to create an
> idea-sharing atmosphere for employees."
> I suppose the "proprietary collaboration software" is for running on
> windoze. Anyway, they've gone Open Source, after being prompted by such
> large companies as Cisco, Qualcomm, and Blue Cross/Blue Shield.
> Akiva has begun to discover the value of open source, & now so *sure* are
> they that the future of IT is in open source software, they are 100%
> "committed to developing and using open collaboration software
> and nurturing a community around it."
> http://software.newsforge.com/software/05/11/10/1638209.shtml?tid=132

>From my experience (or observation rather), this frequently happens when a
closed-source  monopoly  dusts away smaller companies that do not  control
the  mother closed-source platform. Take Netscape and Novell, for example.
Frustration can often be the direct result of pre-bundled software, so an-
other  way  (or idealogy) must be embraced. I was very happy  to  discover
that  Cisco  made their VPN client available for compilation under  Linux.
Unfortunately it's flaky and I often have to support it. In due time, more
focus  will  be put into platforms that gather momentum. The  article  you
posted  shows that more companies are becoming obliged to Open Source  and
re-enforce their commitments accordingly.


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