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Re: Automatic Blog comments

  • Subject: Re: Automatic Blog comments
  • From: Vinayak <news.20.victim123@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2005 13:13:17 +0400
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Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> __/ [Vinayak] on Sunday 20 November 2005 16:23 \__
>>Dear Members
>>I'm new here. Please permit me to ask some newbie question
>>I'm from a non-profit organization, working for gender equality. We wish
>>to get a small message across to sister blogs (blogs with a common
>>thread, purpose)
>>*I am SERIOUSLY AGAINST SPAM of any kind*
>>I'm using Win XPP
>>I am looking at a software to post comments to blogs
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>>- Let's say I search for key words using google's blog search and I get
>>some 10 blogs
>>- I feed these URL into this software - even better if this software
>>will pickup these blog URL from google / search engine search pages
>>- Software should open the comment pages of these blogs +
>>paste the comment file into these blogs (the comments could be part of a
>>file or could be copied into memory using control + c ... etc.)
>>- then we move on the the next and so on
>>- I'm also ready to log into some (10 or so ) popular blog sites so that
>>the cookies for posting are open
>>- Manual intervention
>>required manual inputs from me to answer word recognition etc. will be
>>done by me
>>*There can be limits on the max post per session / day* to avoid spam
>>..... any suggestions ??
>>Thanks in advance
> Do  the  blog owners /know/ that you wish to post comments? 

Thanks for the comments, replies

a. I have been *manually* writing / commenting on these blogs.

b. In many cases my comments have been welcome. At least they are not
necessarily cleaned up

I agree with your view and I'm sure you feel strongly against automated

Let me try to clarify

As I said I am fully against spam

I will be logged into blogger (or similar blog sites) *while*
*commenting* so that my blogger (respective site) user name is displayed.

I mentioned this specifically to say that I'll identify myself and would
NOT be some "anonymous" poster

> Do  they  know
> these are /automatically/ entered by a bot? 

As I said many of these are sort of "sister blogs". I should have
clarified that the search is sort of one time facility if I have
forgotten a particular URL

> Would you be willing to accept
> the same sort of contribution?

YES ! provided they are following the same practices I've outlined above
(i.e.) relevant topics, limits on number of posts etc.

> The fact that you want to search (Google or whichever) for blogs indicates
> that  by sister blogs, you truly mean 'sister' blogs. 

Ok !!

Let us leave that search facility.

> Unless you  clarify,
> nobody  will  be willing to help you. 

thanks again for giving me a chance to clarify

> In fact, for such practices,  people
> like  yourself would probably be shunned from society. 


> I have to clean  up
> about 100 automated comments every morning. It's no picnic.

Sorry to hear that your blog is targeted thus

I suppose you can turn on word verification, "no anon" blogs etc.
features to reduce spam

Thanks and regards


> Roy

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