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Re: This Is Funny! OT

__/ [Hymer] on Tuesday 22 November 2005 19:22 \__

> "Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:dlujkf$2ikp$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> __/ [Sam] on Tuesday 22 November 2005 07:42 \__
>>> Had to share this funny site with you all I just came accross while
>>> doing my blog at blogs.com. Check out this new blog I found a link to
>>> there: http://www.shitassboss.com
>> I see that you are seeking a subsite-type hosting. Be aware that as of
>> yesterday, wordpress.com offers free blog hosting. If your are not
>> familiar
>> with WordPress, have a look at wordpress.org. It is Open Source and
>> bloated
>> with features, themes, and plug-ins. Version 2.0 is coming up soon and it
>> incorporates a WYSIWYG editor.
>> Roy
>> PS - Wordpress.com caters for names as short as just 4 characters and
>> since
>> it only went public recently, the available namespace is /huge/.
> Hi Roy,
> Can you redirect to your domain name when using WordPress hosting? And do
> they have a limit on the size of the blog?

These are tricky questions. I don't think that Matt has made the decisions
yet, neither has he announced them publicly. The power to redirect is cer-
tainly  there, but what is there for wordpress.com to gain? Will it become
a  mere  pointer or an alias? I suppose that quotas have not been  thought
through yet.

> I ask because I have a blog on blogger.com but it points to my URL. So I
> become the host but it is starting to cost quite a bit of money for the
> extra storage on my ISP.

Send  an  E-mail to m [at] mullenweg [dotcom] and ask for a  clarification
(on  the public pages too). Please don't say that /I/ suggested it if pos-


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