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Re: PR4 Forum downgraded to PR0 !

"Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message 
> __/ [scientia@xxxxxxxxxxx] on Wednesday 23 November 2005 17:41 \__
>> Hello,
>> I manage 3 important discussion forums on network54.com
>> (1 in English, 2 in Italian), linking to/from my website.
>> A few days ago I linked a web page of mine to one of these
>> forums. This page was around #10 for an important keyword
>> on Google. Suddenly it dropped to #90, then to #200!
>> It is around #160 at this time.
>> I also noticed that these 3 forums are PR0 at this time.
>> They used to be PR3 or 4!  I don't know why this happened.
>> And I see that all the other forums on network54.com are PR0
>> at this time (there are thousands of them).
>> What happened?!
>> Are all my web pages (that are linking to these forums)
>> penalized?!
>> If so, it would be terrible, since my web pages must remain
>> interlinked with the messages in the forums.
>> What can I do?
>> I don't understand why they should be penalized.
>> They are content-rich, and they include many real great
>> testimonials (about stress relief). So, I can't believe that
>> Google wants to reward websites about ineffective techniques
>> with no testimonials, and penalize my websites with real
>> testimonials about effective stress relief!
>> Thanks
>> Fabrizio
> Before  going  frantic,  are you sure that your PageRank  indicator  works
> okay? Is it temporarily 'misbehaving'? The two sites you listed are PR4 at
> the  top  level. Have you checked the results pages in different  datacen-
> tres? If so, how long have you kept an eyes on them and how long have they
> been down?
> The sites seem to be content-rich indeed. Although they look similar, they
> contain  different content in different languages. I don't see any  reason
> for a penalty unless you traded links or embraced some practices which are
> frowned upon. I suggest you read the following just in case:
> http://www.mattcutts.com/blog/reinclusion-request-howto/
> Hope it helps,
> Roy
> -- 

I don;t really know much about Google but we have had an increase in clicks 
from Google and it appears our pages are ranked in the top five for many 
keywords now. Previously we were on page two or three. Also our page rank 
has jumped up.

Its a mystery as we did nothing to any of the pages.
No doubt they will go back to page three just as quickly! 

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