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Re: Computers are too slow for me

__/ [John Bailo] on Monday 12 September 2005 17:35 \__

> I bought a tv saturday.
> Just a classic style, tube, 20" for $139 at Walmart.
> I wanted to watch the NFL games, and they don't have any streaming
> services yet.
> One thing I realized -- I like tv.
> I turn it on, and there it is, entertaining me.
> With computers, it takes a year and a day to get to the right music or
> video and find something this is relevent to me.
> It just takes so long.
> I want something where I put a button, and the machine starts doing
> something interesting.

The same can be achieved with computers, but it takes experience, which TV
fans often lack, often requiring some setups as well. I have cron jobs to
download hundreds of songs overnight (via HTTP) and since the computer
always stays on and has xbindkeys installed, it takes just CTRL+ALT+key to
get things started.

I ditched my TV altogether 2 years ago. TV is push technology while
computers are pull technology. With TV you are a zombie that gets fed
anything that sequentially comes your way. With computers, you choose your
destinations and can skimp, skip and obtain depth where desired.

Computers could be like TV. They could throw a bunch of junk at you, but
what's the point? The Internet in particular is a revolution, owing to
which we get the 'television' to show anything that takes our fancy. 


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