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Re: Dear Abby... (Linux)

__/ [rapskat] on Tuesday 13 September 2005 09:56 \__

> Help!  My computer is sick!!!
> It really is, it's got to be something serious!
> Before, when I ran Windows, my computer never overstressed itself.  It
> knew the importance of frequent breaks and had no problem letting me know
> when it was tired or just didn't feel like doing anything.  It took naps
> when it wanted, rebooted often and never did more than it's share.  It was
> always crying out for attention when it wanted it, it made me feel like I
> was special and truly needed for it's survival. I used to shower it with
> expensive anti-malware programs and security software, frequent scandisks
> and defrags, cleaned it up often to keep it running happily along. I made
> sure I kept it safe from all the bugs and nasties running rampant out in
> the cruel world. I took it to the shop ever so often so it could
> be groomed and tuned up.  Everything was fine!
> It all started when I installed this "Linux" on it.  Now, my computer just
> works all the time, it never takes a break!  It just keeps on going and
> going like it was a machine!  It never asks for a reboot like it used to
> all the time, it never rests.  I really concerned for it, it's like a
> constant workaholic, always ready to do something else, no matter how
> massive the task is - stuff that it wouldn't even think of doing before!
> It's downright scary I tell you!  I'm really afraid that it's going to
> hurt itself, but it never seems to mind at all.
> Before, it was constantly crying out for attention and care.  Now, it
> never asks for anything, it's like it's some sort of automaton just
> waiting for the next task to complete.  It doesn't slow down, it doesn't
> reboot, it doesn't require the loving care and attention it used to demand
> all the time.  It doesn't even succumb the to malware and nasties that
> used to be its major phobia.  It's like it doesn't even care about them
> anymore, and it refuses to even run the anti-virus I paid so much for.  It
> takes care of itself as if it were self-sufficient and only needs me to
> give it stuff to do!
> It doesn't even want all of the expensive gift software I bought for
> it, it comes with all of it's own programs and they are all workaholics
> too!  They do all the stuff the expensive software I bought even better
> and faster, but it didn't cost me anything.  I didn't even have to go out
> and download them, they came with this new Linux thing.
> Please, I'm begging you..what's wrong with my dear computer?  What
> happened to the cuddly, bloated, expensive powderpuff it used to be, and
> who is this sleek powerful workhorse of a beast in front of me?  Please
> help me, I'm so confused!
> Signed
>   CompuConcerned

*LOL* Boy, I've got to quote some parts of this in my blog. Do I have your
consent? I have just forwarded that message to a colleague.

The behaviour your describe above is one which I have heard people describe
in a similar fashion in the past. A modern Linux box is a proper workhorse
that is just so plain boring because nothing ever goes wrong. You can
practically leave one such box at the corner of the room to collect dust
for years and years. Most likely, the service which it provides, e.g. mail
routing, cache, etc. will never be oddly interrupted. Hence, you need never
intervene and you get the illusion that you are unconstructive. Cron jobs
make me feel this way sometimes, honestly.

By the way, my signature does not faithfully reflect on uptime. I only
started appending uptime 19 days ago and haven't had to reboot since. I run
tasks on the machine 24/7 as I need hundreds of hours of CPU time to
complete experiments. Early this morning I Only used 138 MB of RAM
(apparently no leakage) and absolutely nothing behaves badly. The box
itself, to which I SSH from a Ubuntu machine at the moment, has served me
for 2 years without ever developing a serious O/S-level issue.


Roy S. Schestowitz      | Warning 0x12C: ispell feels tired
http://Schestowitz.com  |    SuSE Linux    |     PGP-Key: 74572E8E
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