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Re: Work on SuSE machine through web session

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> The issue is not to have to install extra software on the client.
> I will post a reply, which may or may not be helpful to you. You said "using
> a web browser", but it is unclear to me whether it /strictly/ has to be a
> Web browser. I will assume that Citrix et al. are just something that you
> happen to see before and used as an analogy.

There are several things that will work. These however all need
instalation on the PC he is curently working on.

It all needs client side things. What he is looking for is complete
server side stuff. This means browsing to http://home.example.com with
IE or Firefox and be able to work on it as if he were at his own PC.

I do not think that is possible, unless you put you complete desktop on
Java and let it run.

The main question is, what do you need it for. Is it so you can contact
your home PC from any place, or is it that you can contactyour customers
PC's from your laptop? (one to any or any to one).

If it is one to any. install some software and run X sesions over LAN or
WAN. Better also learn CLI, because that is way faster.

If it is any to one, what do you want to do? Read mail? Install Apache
and Squirrelmail. Configuration? Webadmin.

So: more detail is needed.
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