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Re: Natwest online banking - Safari now supported

__/ [Ian McCall] on Tuesday 13 September 2005 13:41 \__

> On 2005-09-13 12:45:30 +0100, Roy Schestowitz
> <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> said:
>> ...I can remember the history of that site quite roughly. Around 2001-2 I
>> was denied access with Netscape. The guys at NatWest didn't even know
>> what Mozilla was.
> As can I - I was involved in the Mozilla bug report with it for around
> two or three years. What changed is that Natwest was bought by RBS.
> They had a good attitude from day one, and I corresponded a couple of
> times with the project leader. He made it Mozilla-compatible in about
> two months I think, and mentioned that Safari support would come but
> Apple would have to fix some bugs to do with cached headers first.
> Wonder if Konquerer on Linux is now supported?
> Cheers,
> Ian

I have just tested it with an almost 3-year-old version of Konqueror (KDE
version 3.1) and it worked! I am surprised and warmheatedly impressed.

I sometimes wonder if these talks about bugs, incompatibilities and the like
are merely an excuse. Surely they are just afraid of what they do not know.
I once played with a Perl script that can in principle authenticate
automatically, generating reports for me overnight. I never managed to get
it working unfortunately.

For the curious, a big Perl repository for on-line banking systems:



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