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Re: screensaver control from command line?

__/ [Martin Corley] on Wednesday 14 September 2005 12:52 \__

> Hi,
> is there a way to disable/reenable automatic starting of the KDE
> screensaver from the command line?  (This is for a script to resize
> the display etc. for presentations from a laptop).
> With thanks,
> --MC

You would probably need to write a script which takes an alternative
settings file, which corresponds to or contains your screensaver settings
and replaces it with the exiting one, essentially cycling between the two.
You can get the two files by changing the settings in the GUI and then
grabbing that file at two different states, thereby creating two versions
of it. If the screensaver settings are listed among other settings, you
would be asking for trouble. A simpler solution...? Below is my odd

I personally disabled KDE screensavers altogether. I did so some months ago.
KDE-wrapped screensavers are prone to bugs and breakage. For instance, key
strokes were devoured. When I wanted to enter my password (to exit/unlock
the screen saver), I needed to hit some keys merely to get some attention.
I now lock my screen whenever I leave my terminal by hitting CTRL+ALT+L.
But no... not the KDE default assignment... go to Control Center ->
Regional and Accessibility -> Keyboard Shortcuts, then disable the keyboard
shortcut for screen-locking. Use 'xlock' instead.

I chose to have an assigement involving xlock and the keyboard using
'xbindkeys'. The settings file contains the following line:

          "xlock -mode random -delay 10&"

Make a habit of invoking the screensaver (xlock) whenever you depart from
your workstation. It only takes 3 parallel keystrokes and becomes innate
after a week or two. xlock also tends to be less of a resource hog.

I wrote more than I had initially intended.

Hope the solution suits your individual preferences,


Roy S. Schestowitz      | "Computers are useless. They only solve problems"
http://Schestowitz.com  |    SuSE Linux    |     PGP-Key: 74572E8E
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