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Re: Email spam is dead. Long Live Spam!

__/ [Matt Probert] on Friday 16 September 2005 10:25 \__

> Just received my Ad:Tech London programme, and am shocked (honestly)
> to discover its promotion of "e-mail marketing".
> For example:
> "Ideaxis (stand 211) will be presenting a new advanced version of
> Addemar, a DIY e-mail marketing application at the show. Addemar
> enables abusinesses to create, launch and evaluate an e-mail marketing
> campaign online 24/7."
> And in the conference programme
> "Benchmark your email, search, ad, rich media and affiliate marketing
> campaigns against the best in the business"
> I thought every reputable business had agreed that email marketing is
> just too offensive to recipients to be employed? Or are we the only
> business that refuse to use it?
> Regarding Ad:tech, this isn't a fly-by-night conference, it's
> primarily sponsored by Google.

Has anyone else considered getting off the 'world of E-mail' altogether? The
idea crossed my mind before, in particular after reading the very
influential < http://www-cs-faculty.stanford.edu/~knuth/email.html >
write-up from Knuth (father of LaTeX; some would say CS as well). I got rid
of telephony already. Can E-mail ever be dealt with similarly? It only gets
worse due to bandwidth... and look...



It is a branch of its own in geography!


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