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Re: Email spam is dead. Long Live Spam!

__/ [Els] on Friday 16 September 2005 11:26 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>> I didn't say that e-mail marketing couldn't be spam in certain
>>> circumstances, (like default opt-in and difficult opt-out etc), but
>>> merely that it doesn't have to be. I get loads of marketing e-mails
>>> which are not spam. Someone has to send them, someone needs a program
>>> to be able to do so.
>>> Such a program can be advertised in the manner Matt described.
>>> Just saying it doesn't have to be spam at all.
>> The problem many of us face is tools as such reaching the wrong hands.
> Of course - but that's with anything. Take HTML and CSS for instance -
> look what some people do with that! ;-)

Do you dream in stylesheets too?

>> Market greed often drives companies to turn more aggressive. Aggressive
>> as they may be, they evolve to become blind to it. That's when companies
>> turn evil.
> Sure, but how is a company who only does real opt-in information
> distribution by e-mail to do its job if there aren't any programs for
> it? You can't just stop making programs because people will abuse it.
> The same way they will never stop making alcoholic drinks.

If they wanted to, they could probably apply some moderation and impose
restrictions embedded the binaries of such software. For example, to
dispatch mail, you would have to communicate with a site that approves
delivery. This would help in crippling the spammers or shutting them down

For the same reason, there are protocols like bullet counting in the
military and hand stamping in some pubs.

>> Haven't we all learned the danger in delegating power improprly?
>> Hollywood teaches us a lesson: http://imdb.com/title/tt0343818/
> No idea - never seen it.
>> ... or this < http://imdb.com/title/tt0057012/ >
> In case you didn't see it, this is the ad that I saw on that page, and
> if that ad had any guts, I'd hate them thoroughly.
> http://servedby.advertising.com/site=000...

I was very much baffled. I thought it was a transparent GIF until I saved it
and opened it in the GIMP. My ad blocker ensured I was not exposed to
propaganda. I can't read Dutch, but I could go by the patterns.
IMDB-approved, aye?

>> PS - Never watched that film
> Me neither.


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