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Re: Fax Spam

__/ [rf] on Friday 16 September 2005 11:52 \__

> rf wrote and replied to himself:
>> > > Over here the spam laws are very harsh.
> Forgot to mention, an unsolicited fax *is* legal.
> I had to delve quite deeply into the Australian spam legislation when one
> of the Wifes clients decided to send out bulk faxes to the surrounding
> population touting his new business venture. At first he wanted to send
> emails. We beat him to a pulp until he decided on fax.
> While a marketing *email* may only be sent if the recipient *explicitly*
> requested it to be sent, not so for a fax. One *can* send an unsolicited
> fax.

It probably was the same with E-mail until it developed to become a
world-wide plague.

> I guess that fax has been around for so long and the few faxspams that do
> get sent are at a sort of stabilised level that the powers that be
> thought... lets just leave that alone[1].
> Also of course it costs the *sender* to faxspam, unlike email spam.

The recipient pays for paper and toner as well. Let's not discount that.

> [1] I do not leave it alone. If I recive a junk fax I ring up the owner of
> the company and complain bitterly.

This reminds me that I should point out something that I neglected to
mention previously. While that uninvited marketing bulk mail is illegal in
Australia, how many people would actually ring up to threaten or file a
lawsuit? It must be like crossing the road when the light's red here in
Manchester. Good on paper, good intimidation factor, but in practice --
just a toothless tiger.

> However a company I once dealt with thought it fine to fax me their weekly
> 10 page "newsletter" even after repeated requests not to. Was using up too
> much of my paper and ink. I fired up winfax and sent them a one hundred
> page "PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS" fax after each newsletter arrived. Yes it
> cost me a dollar or so but they stopped after a couple of weeks :-)
> Cheers
> Richard.

Sweet revenge! Read this telemarking revenge story that I saw some days ago:



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