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Re: Linux image processing software

__/ [yccheok@xxxxxxxxx] on Friday 16 September 2005 16:27 \__

> I wish to migrate to Linux platfrom. However, the resouces supported
> stop me from doing this:

Have you spoken to an Linux expert with broad background in computer vision
on that platform? If not, I suggest you do.

> (1) We are in a high speed machine vision. We need to inspect object up
> to 10um resolution in a very short time. Currently, most of the open
> source library I encouter is not optimize for the following :
> (a) A very large image, says about 1GB.
> (b) High speed inspection.

Speaking of a barebone Linux machine per se, it is far more capable in term
of power than a Windows equivalent. You just need to find the right
software package, which exploits the hardware and kernel that's underneath.

> We can achieve that by using some commercial frame grabber driver, and
> commercial image processing package. However, I am doubt for the open
> source. I realize that most of them are not optimized for SIMD. Please
> correct me if I were wrong.

You would need to ask someone who has done or is doing that in Linux. I am
sure people have deployed something of this nature.

> Of course, I still explore for the oportunity to explore to Linux
> platform. This is because   we need 64 bit memory mapping to address
> more than 4 GB memory. I would like to compare the performance of winxp
> 64 with Linux 64.
> Thank you very much!

Linux retains a separate partition for its memory swap, which is one among
several aspects that Windows must catch up with. If you need more than 4 GB
of memory, in terms of efficiency, I am certain that Linux will be a

I recently heard about 64-bit Linux machines with obscene amounts of
physical RAM. I suggest you ask these questions in the Linux newsgroups.
I'd recommend comp.os.linux.misc, which is fairly active. Do not bog down
to computer vision or Windows specifics.


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