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Re: Voice & Money Cycle

__/ [rapskat] on Saturday 17 September 2005 01:47 \__

> On Fri, 16 Sep 2005 18:11:57 -0500, Dom wrote:
>> Why don't you dump the fucking stupid ads. Ads are indicative of poor web
>> design.
> Really?  You'd better inform Yahoo!, eBay, CNN, CNET, eWeek, Google,
> MSN, and thousands of other sites that they are "poorly" designed then.
> Geez, this is right up there with "Laura's" comment in terms of abject
> stupidity.  Definitely a nomination for the Wintard Bonehead Statement of
> the Year Award.

Ta for that. Like Colin has just said, "Any medium is degraded by the
bankruptcy of its creators. How do you expect people to maintain sites?"

I added AdSense last year because it helped in covering the hosting costs.
It also can make sites look more professional >in many cases<, putting
aside sites that are highly artistic, in which case AdSense becomes a

I find it very disturbing that at the end of the day, money buys voice.
Voice gets money so there is a cycle here, which is difficult to break.
Speaking of which, an item < http://tinyurl.com/89d8w > that was
Slashdotted hours ago backs that very same point.

On top of that, add the 'duplicatability' of software, which gives even
/more/ momentum to Windows. Even giants like Walmart have no such


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