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Re: My website text appears in other domain

__/ [Michael G. Schneider] on Saturday 17 September 2005 15:26 \__

> When searching with Google for the sentence "When I started to work with
> fulltext search In Movable Type", several results are shown.
>   <snip>
> There is my own weblog, some other RSS feeds, and two pages from the
> domain
>   www. movable-type-weblog.com.honeycomb.cs.cornell.edu
> Opening the URL does not show my text.
> What is happening there? What should be done?

As for the latter:

www. movable-type-weblog.com.honeycomb.cs.cornell.edu:8888/
                                          (NOTE port 8888)

Sounds like it might be something experimental. The addresses itself seems
to be malformed too. Look at the number of dots, for example.
I found out RssFwd some days ago and I had mixed feelings about it. For
those who do not know, rssfwd.com allows you to subscribe to feeds and
receive an E-mail each time a new item is posted. Sounds reasonable, right?
Well, it also means that you have yet another mirror, which is similar to
an aggregator that you did not voluntarily join.

One problem with such sites is archiving, as in this aggregator which
includes me:


All past posts are archives. Luckily, I only provide them with excepts and
links. Other people provide full text in their default feeds, so there's a

On the contrary, the following aggregator that includes me does _not_
archive post. So, only posts from the past few days or week are displayed
in the site.


Be careful about aggregators. They may be devouring your traffic.


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