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__/ [JC Denton] on Sunday 18 September 2005 10:45 \__

> How could a junk site like http://www.1-script.com/ be PR5?

Links and traffic. It's good, ain't it?

> It is loaded with advertisement. About 50% of the screen area is ads.
> Relax, i will never visit such junk site again. Phew.

Don't be bitter. If you work hard, you may one day be able to match that.
Oh, Look! 1ncr3edib1-script.com/ is available for registration!

__/ [JC Denton] on Sunday 18 September 2005 11:41 \__

> Euro Stacey:

>> So, why this site then? It really irritates me when someone comes and
>> complains about a site when their site is nothing but stuff that is
>> already readily available on the net. Give me a break! BTW, your site was
>> to sterile really for me and I felt more comfortable at the
>> http://www.1-script.com/ site and will never visit such a sterile site
>> again!

I second Stacey on that. I have seen people humiliating Webmasters even
though they (the tossers) have not got a clue about HTML, let along have a
Web site.

Then again, there are also those who think that if they once designed a
poster, they can also build a site if they spend a day reading a book on
Web design. Guess what? Paper is dying, much like physical literature.
Everyone benefits including the blind, the courier. and threes.

> I tried http://validator.w3.org/ with your site, it gives 125 errors.
> Any site which doesn't validate with w3c should not worth any PR.

A small minority of the Web in its entirety validates. Go nuke the entire
Web with your fascist approach.

> And my site which is w3c makrup clear but 0 PR. The whole PR thing
> should focus more on quality than back links.

Exactly. That's why 1-script.com is PR5.

> It is just sad that a bot can't see how many screen area are devoted to
> ads. Any page that has more than 20% devoted to ads should be considered
> junk.

Use ad blockers if you cannot bear it. It's _your_ machine, _your_ browser.
If you are in the hands of an operating system that is not forgiving and
very assertive, re-evaluate.


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