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Re: Linux for Family

__/ [Sinister Midget] on Saturday 17 September 2005 23:03 \__

> On 2005-09-17, Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> posted
> something concerning:
>> __/ [rapskat] on Saturday 17 September 2005 11:36 \__
>>> On Sat, 17 Sep 2005 01:58:27 -0500, Linux User wrote:
>>>> I wanted to switch her to one of the "easier" versions of Linux, but, I
>>>> think it is best to keep her with what she already knows and
>>>> understands. This is especially the case since she wants her computer
>>>> "the way it was".
>>> Ultimately, you have to do what is in the user's best interests.  You
>>> can't switch a person to Linux just because *you* want them to, it has
>>> to be a case where Linux could and would offer the best option for them
>>> given the circumstances.
>>> If a person is hostile to it from the beginning, then chances are they
>>> aren't going to stay with it anyway.  Setting up a dual boot system or
>>> at the very least providing them with a LiveCD of some distro would be
>>> an option for when their Windows eventually takes a dive.
>> Good point. I am tired of trying to convince my mother that she should
>> use Ubuntu. No matter if it takes her _days_ to have someone restore her
>> machine, she insists on using that same pile of garbage that got her
>> there in the first place.
> Employ some tough love. Give her the Ubuntu CD and show it off. Then
> walk her through reinstalling Winders and applying everything. Make
> sure she does it even though you're standing by to instruct her on how
> to go about it.

It's hopeless. I told her that the only way to learn computers is to use
them and fiddle around in order to get a 'feel'. She prefers to think that
she will learn if somebody else does all the work in her presence. It's
like people who think they will grow bigger by merely /going/ to the gym
and staring at people.

> Then tell her she's on her own from that point onward if she continues
> to choose Windross.
> If you stick to it, she'll make the switch unless she cajoles someone
> else into picking up where you left off, and possibly disowning you for
> leaving her in the lurch.

I know exactly what you mean. I said it loud and clear before. "No.
Computers. On. Phone.".

> As more of her options are removed, she'll have to do it for herself,
> or she'll begin to see the futility of it all and ask for help with
> linux.

Sometimes you can never help people until they sink to the very bottom,


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