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Re: Digital advertisement painting for TV

__/ [dwickford@xxxxxxxxx] on Sunday 18 September 2005 18:51 \__

> I have been watching some TV recently, and was wondering if adverts at
> sporting events e.g. motor racing or football (soccer) are painted on
> digitally afterwards. This could be market dependent, so for example
> you could put tobacco adverts on a sports car where this is allowed,
> and maximises revenue.  The technique could also be applied to drama
> (e.g. when driving past a billboard) and when the program is repeated
> the in-program advertising sold again.
> This could be extended when all broadcasting is streamed so that the
> individual could have adverts tailored to his or her spending habits or
> needs.  For example someone who likes credit could see billboards for
> more credit whenever he/she watches sport on TV, or someone who likes
> buying junk food, more junk food or diet plan ads.

It seems to be heading in that direction. Also, quick and inexpensive
alternation of adverts is now one focus of attention. See, for example,
bendable thin paper < http://www.overclockersclub.com/?read=2136713 > that
acts as a monitor which consumes little power.

Computer and spyware, exploitation of cookies and the like are already used
to achieve the same in cyberspace.

> My expectation is that fixed billboards are easy to implement, but that
> adverts on cars may be difficult, especially if surfaces became
> deformed.  For adverts individually targeted this is basically more of
> the same, but with some database operations.


__/ [dwickford@xxxxxxxxx] on Sunday 18 September 2005 19:36 \__

> I forgot to mention that I first heard about this idea on a program
> with motor racing, and it must have been over a year ago.

*smile* /Now/ you tell us that? It sounded as if it was a very original idea
of yours.


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