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Re: Office 12 Screenshot

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> __/ [Jerry McBride] on Saturday 17 September 2005 01:55 \__
>> eros.tintory@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>>> It doesn't get much better than this:
>> http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/images/features/2005/09-13Offi...
>>> Now, that's a sexy UI, no doubt Windows Vista will be the best Windows
>>> ever!
>> ... best windows ever... ?? Yeah, I can take a dog turd and roll it in
>> coconut flakes and make the best looking coconutbar you ever saw. The
>> truth is however, it's pure shit at the core...
>> Vista... coming to a toilet near you.....
> Was that truly necessary? That attitude, rather than criticising
> individual aspects and remain technical, takes the immature point-of-view.
> It feeds the Wintroll with that Linux arrogance perpetration.

It was one of those "it felt so right moments" that I find hard to pass by.
As immature as it was, the point was driven home by a mental picture worth
a thousand words.

> I do, however, agree with that point you make about problems at the core.
> People are often fascinates by that supposedly perfect Office Suite.
> Needless to say, those very same applications many rely on sit on top of a
> plagued, unstable, misunderstood operating system, which only appears to
> become more of a mess as time goes on. Look at the number of security
> hacks and viruses 5 years ago for assessment. We (not COLA members) seem
> to be returning to the day of DOS and Pong.

Yeah, I liked pong. DOS was a hoot, DRDOS was better. As for the matter at
hand, VISTA, I can't wait for it to get into the publics hands and the
uglyness underneath the glitter gets exposed. I wonder how many "LESS
times" it requires a reboot over XP?  :')


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