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Re: clie to palm data import

__/ [jmjav] on Monday 19 September 2005 20:42 \__

> I'd really appreciate your help.  I've been using a Clie NX-73 with the
> associated Palm Desktop software.  The Clie just died.  I got a Palm
> Tungsten E and the accompanying software.  I need to import my Clie
> data into the Tungsten.  I was told (by Palm) to uninstall the Sony
> Palm Desktop software and install the Tungsten Palm Desktop software
> (which seems to be an older version), yet I cannot access or import my
> data into the Tungsten.
> When I reinstall the Sony Palm Desktop software, I can access my data.
> It would seem easier to teach the Sony Palm software to just sync it to
> the Tungsten.  Any help PLEASE?  Thanking you in advance...

This is a sensitive issue because your data is involved and we must not let
it be lost. I do hope that you made many copies (or one proper copy) before
taking any of the steps described above.

Ideally, before uninstallation, data should be exported rather explicitly,
i.e. with the user's proactive intervention. This shapes the data using
some commonly-known format. I doubt whether any XML is used yet, but ical
and the like spring to mind.

If no data was exported, hope is not lost. The raw data files are understood
by the Desktop software. If you have that data, you could, in principle,
install the Clié Software, open the old data, then export.

As a 'safety net', there are tools for converting your Palm data (maybe also
applies to the Clié) into HTML. For example, see <
http://schestowitz.com/Weblog/archives/2005/01/15/palm-to-html/ >.
Alternatively, you can make use of the known data formats that Palm still
stick to as far as I can tell <
http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Acres/3216/palmrecs.htm >.

If you give more detailed description of what you have tried and what
happened as a result, more (specific) help can be given. I am fairly
convinced that you have no reason to worry.


Roy S. Schestowitz
http://Schestowitz.com  |    SuSE Linux    |     PGP-Key: 74572E8E
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