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Re: KDE Associations and Ubuntu

__/ [djin] on Monday 19 September 2005 20:26 \__

> On Mon, 19 Sep 2005 08:17:08 +0100, Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> __/ [djin] on Monday 19 September 2005 04:26 \__
>>> I'm using (trying to learn to use) Mandrake 10.1 (uses KDE 3.2)
>>> I was trying to get .txt files to open with KEdit by default and
>>> accidently right-clicked on the background area of Konqueror instead of
>>> on the text file. The result was that whenever I left-clicked on a
>>> folder in Konqueror it would attempt to open in KEdit and gave me an
>>> error box saying the folder was not a file. I managed to get it back to
>>> sort-of-normal with typing in "konqueror" in the box after
>>> Right-click --> Open with --> Other
>>> with the "remember application for this type of file" checked. But now
>>> the Open With menu lists
>>> Konqueror - hidden
>>> KEdit
>>> Cervisia
>>> Is there an easy way to edit what's in the "open with" list?
>>> I'd like to get KEdit out of there.
>>> This solution seems to have caused a worse problem. Now after logging
>>> out and logging back in again, I'm unable to use the "Home" icon by
>>> clicking on it. By default it should be opening in Konqueror. Neither
>>> the "Home" on the desktop nor the "Home" in the taskbar nor the "Home"
>>> in the menu that you get to by clicking the icon in the lower left
>>> corner of the screen will open. Something flickers in the taskbar for a
>>> split second but nothing opens.
>>> If I boot to root, Home opens as it should, so the problem seems
>>> confined to the User account.
>>> Any idea how to fix what I did? It isn't exactly difficult to miss the
>>> icon when you're right-clicking on something, which is how this mess
>>> started.
>> Don't multi-post please. I think it was the Mandrake group where you got
>> plenty of answers.
>> You can edit associations in Control Centre. It has a rather convenient
>> user interface for doing so. If I recall correctly, Mandrake has that
>> facility too.
> It didn't seem to have a way to fix a bad association with a folder
> though, only a bad association with a file.
> Scott B's suggestion from the Mandrake group worked though.
> If anyone wants to know, the solution was to delete the .kde file in the
> user folder. I have to redo the user preferences, but the Home folder now
> opens like it should. In the future I'll be more careful using that Open
> with feature.
>> I wiped Mandrake off my machine yesterday in favour of Ubuntu. I found
>> Mandrake a little buggy, which made me uncomfortable. In just 24 hours, I
>> had quite a few issues arise and I had to open shells and look up
>> solutions in forums.
>> Roy
> I haven't heard of Ubuntu. Are you finding it stable so far?

I have been using Ubuntu for a long time on my machine at work. It is rock
solid and it includes many programs (despite having the single-CD
instllation), all of which work marvellously well. You need never build
stuff "piece by piece" and package management is trivial and is absolutely
/huge/ in extent. Many packages are fetched by Ununtu over the Internet.


That's an issue for another day and another thread. SuSE is still my

Ubuntu screenshot:


Shipped to your home for free: (need to wait now...)



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