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Re: (News) Desktop Battle Begins

__/ [ Dave Kisilman ] on Saturday 01 April 2006 20:36 \__

> "Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:2820687.4YFfUoOOBa@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> The corporate desktop battle can officially begin
> "To date, this has largely been the delusional fantasy of religious
> fanatics that are hell-bent on venting their frustration at Microsoft's
> ability to create two seemingly unstoppable cash cows out of this market
> opportunity," he said.
> He has you pegged.

Seemingly, to an innocent reader, this would make perfect sense. One would
be convinced that Windows and Office are such formidable applications that
can be surpassed by none else.

Upon closer inspection, it turns out that Office is merely a package which
involved  floating objects. It completely neglects standards and inter-op-
erability  and its inertia is dependent on the fact that many people  have
it  installed  (i.e. purchased a licence). Those who have not got  it  in-
stalled can get punished when interaction from outside comes into play.

I sometimes joke with/about Windows user about utterly useless the content
of their hard-drive actually is. With so many binary files, it becomes ap-
parent  that all is useless without some closed-source packages to  inter-
pret  the  files. Such files may be penetrable 5 years down the line,  but
what happens decades ahead? Will one still use Windows? Vista makes is ap-
parent  that  Linux and OS X are by all means better tools  for  technical
jobs.  *Even* if Windows was clung onto like a woman's baby, mind you, Mi-
crosoft  struggle  with  backward compatibility. Wait and see  the  conse-

The  success of the cash cows, either using obscure executables or  urging
third-parties to do the same (also using false figures from OEM's to infer
platform  diversity (or lack thereof)) will not endure. What it boils down
to  is  a  lockin which drains people's pockets as they fumble  for  their
spectacles.  Open  Source awareness helps them wake up. Even  Joe  Sixpack
drops his beer when he finds out to what extent Microsoft rip him off.


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