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Re: Micoshaft Vista installer is viral - EU probe

__/ [ 7 ] on Saturday 01 April 2006 22:45 \__

> Micoshaft vista installer is viral - EU probe needed.
> "We assume that Microsoft has its own interests at heart.
>  It wants to launch another product without having to worry
>  about the [European] Commission instituting various actions
>  under antitrust law," he said. "The commission's concern
>  is that computer manufacturers or consumers might be
>  prevented from having a proper choice between
>  different software packages."
> Under those terms of reference, the vista installer, as well
> as the ex-pee and windope 2003 installers are all viral by
> definition.
> These and past micoshaft products limit choice between
> different operating systems by eliminating competitors
> boot software from a consumer system.
> SuSE + Ubuntu Linux picks up other installed OSes including windope
> installs and does not eliminate them. A clear indication that
> off the shelf technological solutions exist for making
> software installation co-exist with other operating systems.
> Altering the boot function to eliminate an operating
> system is normally the playground of viruses.
> Windope ex-peeh and vista are all viral installers
> that eliminate other OSes.
> Companies that make Linux distros should write in
> and complain to the EU competion commissioner that micoshaft
> is guilty of eliminating their operating systems from consumer
> PCs and should be refunded for any loss in sales that
> occur as a result of micoshafts viral installers.
> Even if the EU does not heavily fine micoshaft, a guilty
> verdict is enough to release the flood of lawsuits that small
> Linux distro companies can make against windoze installers
> sold by micoshaft for having harmed Linux sales.


Sarcasm, one would assume (April 1st, thanks Ray):

,----[ Quote ]
| I enthusiastically downloaded my copy and began the installation
| procedure. This might be a good time to mention that the Vista
| installation program differs from the Windows XP installer in
| several significant ways. For example, when XP installs, it merely
| wipes out any Linux partitions on the hard drive. Windows Vista, on
| the other hand, will go much further - it will mount any Linuxp
| artitions it finds and then plant viruses and root kits in /usr/bin.
| After all, Linux hackers have been doing stuff like this for years to
| Window users - now it's time for some payback.

Also see:

        http://support. PAGERANKCONDOM microsoft.com/?kbid=247804

How to Remove Linux and Install Windows on Your Computer

        http://www.  PAGERANKCONDOM 

Microsoft Extends Intellectual Property Protection to Millions of End Users

,----[ Quote ]
| Increasingly, customers ask how Microsoft's protection compares with
| that offered by leading open-source and Linux vendors. Microsoft
| offers stronger IP protection than leading Linux vendors, as is
| shown in an independent report on indemnification recently
| published by the Yankee Group, a global IT analyst firm.

Best wishes,


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