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Re: Google does not index all my webpages

__/ [ Jeauxy ] on Saturday 01 April 2006 23:36 \__

> I had been using Google as a fast way to locate one of my 900 plus
> webpages, most of which are book reviews. I'd simply put a unique word
> from the book or its review and do a Current Site search making sure I
> was on my website. Lately I've been drawing blank stares from Google
> --- it will give me only pages on my site which contains links to the
> requested review (even if I use the full title as search string). So I
> switched to Yahoo Search and it gives me the requested page every time.
> On a hunch I did a Site Search on Google and found only 142 or pages,
> but in Yahoo I get 940 or so. Sure enough, the Current Site search only
> works on Google for those 142 pages.
> I'm at a lost to understand what's happening and all I get is bafflegab
> back from Google. Can anyone help me sort this out. I'm new to this
> Newsgroup, so please no Acronym Soup.
> Thanks in advance,
> Jeauxy at http://www.doyletics.com

Hi Jeauxy 

You may be missing some necessary incoming, which encourage crawling of your
site. Have you yet considered
http://www.google.com/webmasters/sitemaps/login ? If not, it's probably
worth exploring.

Hope it helps,


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