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Re: Need Advice: best free Linux distro

__/ [ Brad ] on Sunday 02 April 2006 05:06 \__

> Hi folks.
> I'm somewhat new to Linux, although I did some dabbling with SuSe a few
> years back.  I didn't think the product was refined enough at that
> point, but I'm sure you folks have accomplished much since then.
> I did try Ubuntu a couple weeks ago and have dabbled a bit with it, but
> I'm pretty sure I like the KDE interface better.  I know Kubuntu
> exists.  Any opinions on that?
> I went to SuSe again to see what they had and I see they now charge for
> an ISO.  Ditto for Xandros.  I read that Xandros was rather popular,
> but I'm not going to pay for it.
> So the point of this post:  what are the best free Linux distros
> available?  I don't know the distros well at all and I don't have a lot
> of experience using Linux.  But I have a couple of Windows machines
> that I wouldn't mind converting.
> Your suggestions and advice would be very helpful and I appreciate any
> time you have to post a reply.
> Thanks, Brad.

It has probably been discussed to death. Here is a good review that includes
10 distributions. It was published /yesterday/:


Hope it helps,


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