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Re: [News] Vista Hardware Perils

Roy Schestowitz :
> ,----[ Quote ]
>| "The Vista Capable designation doesn't promise that a PC will provide a
>| great Vista experience, or even that it'll support all Vista features
>| or features...just that it'll be able to run Windows Vista Home Basic in
>| some not-very-well-defined-but-apparently-adequate way."
> `----
>                 http://blogs.pcworld.com/techlog/archives/001768.html

I'm in no big hurry to deploy Vista even after next year. Customers in
corporate atmospheres prefer solid and productive rather than
eye-canyish anyways, so leave them on XP with all the bells and whistles
turned off. The only people who will get Vista in the first two years
after release are enthusiasts and those who have it fobbed off on them
when they buy a new computer.

More and more machines will be running Linux desktops because (as I
believe Rappy pointed out in an earlier post) Linux has more desktop
bang for your buck nowadays. Firefox, thunderbird, openoffice, and gimp
provide more than enough functionality for the home user nowadays and
represents the equivalent of more than $1000 worth of comparable
software for the Windows platform. Home users are getting exposure to
this act not from Linux (the kernel) or GNU (the tools) but from the
useful apps. Firefox and openoffice have done more for open source
marketing in the last two years than anything else I've seen.

People are beginning to wake up.

I'm not saying this is "The Year Of The Penguin" or anything like that,
but open source is beginning to peek over the horizon of the mass
consciousness. I dont know anyone anymore who doesn't know what linux is
except for the odd retired exec.


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