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Re: Mandriva hired a Trojan Horse CEO

__/ [ Robert M. Stockmann ] on Tuesday 04 April 2006 00:00 \__

> The following comments showed up on newsforge :
> "Francois Bancilhon Track record speaks for itself"  :
> http://trends.newsforge.com/comments.pl?sid=54851&cid=123916
>  By Moulinneuf (155030) on 2006.03.22 7:47 (#123916)
> The company has not increased its value since he whas hired, it lost
> value, it has not increased sales in the existing product line, it
> diminished, he created new product and has yet to market them into
> profitable products. He has spent more on R&D then what he had and he took
> money from the Club and spent it on corporate products.
> <snip />
> Francois Bancilhon is a thief who got paid and rewarded for not doing his
> job."
> "Duval layoff: Mandriva CEO responds"
> http://trends.newsforge.com/trends/06/03/21/1841239.shtml?tid=138&tid=3
> <snip />
> This sounds like a very dirty campaign to killoff a possible contender and
> the future competition by Mandriva. Now who would like to see Mandriva
> (the last independent Linux Desktop creator on European mainland) go down?
> It does not take much research to figure that out IMHO.

"Trojan horse", you say? I thought Trojans were a Microsoft issue. A
conspiracy theorist would reckon that Microsoft had planted someone in the
company to wreak havoc and fire the most valued staff. "Conspiracity
theorists", I said.

Come to consider Munchkins (Wintrolls) whom Microsoft pay to come to this
groups and, quite evidentally, drive away some regular readers who seek a
forum without lies and disruptions. For a fact, Microsoft did it before and
they may be doing it at present.

Best wishes,


Roy S. Schestowitz
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