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Re: Some Kubuntu screenshots

__/ [ JPB ] on Tuesday 01 August 2006 14:26 \__

> Having just upgraded my system to Kubuntu 6.06, here's some screenshots of
> typical tasks, after a few days of use.
> http://www.flickr.com/photos/96194146%40N00/

Nice screenshots.

> A particular favourite applet of mine is the Evaluate tool, giving a quick
> easy calculator on-screen that takes up hardly any screen real-estate. Some
> of the others are neat as well, of course.
> The more I use Linux, the more stunning I find the crisp functional desktop
> you get with something like KDE and a modern distribution such as X|K
> Ubuntu.
> Also have Xubuntu loaded, looks nice and acts sharp, if not quite as snazzy
> as KDE is - perhaps if I get some good screenshots of that I'll add them.


No AmaroK in use? Try the latest version. *smile* It's great and it's stable.
It's also a superset of XMMS, which contains all the good things you were
used to (bloat optional).

Best wishes,


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