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Re: [NeWs} Consumers turn against pop-up adverts

__/ [ Sinister Midget ] on Monday 31 July 2006 20:18 \__

> http://www.vnunet.com/vnunet/news/2161254/consumers-turn-against-pop
> http://tinyurl.com/edko6
>    Pop-up adverts may be doing more harm than good for advertisers,
>    according to a new survey of online consumers.
> I'm not sure why anybody needed to do a survey. All they had to do was
> walk into anywhere that had Windwoes computers connecting to the
> internet and watch people surf.* It's not possible to reach any other
> conclusion.
>    More than a quarter of internet users dislike pop-ups so much that
>    they have "negative feelings" about the brands being promoted, says
>    a study from research and data company CCB.
>    Almost three in five of the 3,096 respondents indicated that the
>    appearance of a pop-up might even stop them from visiting a website
>    again, and three-fifths use pop-up blocking software all the time.
>    Only 14 per cent of respondents 'do not mind' seeing pop-up ads, but
>    half had never clicked on one for more information.
> I don't mind 'em. I have 'em blocked.
> * Unless Ewik's there. He doesn't believe in throwing the baby out with
> the bathwater.

To those not seeing the relevance or relation to Linux and Open Source
software, have a look at what the lead developer of Firefox had to say:

,----[ Quote ]
| The truth is I think Microsoft is very directly responsible for spyware
| and adware and the pop-up ads in general that proliferated across the
| Web after they abandoned their product. I mean, this is the world's
| most-used software application ever ... and I just think it's
| irresponsible for a company to abandon it simply because they can't
| find a financial incentive to continue development on it.
| [...]
| My answer to that is, how much can you really trust a company that five
| years ago completely left you abandoned? If they do, in fact, succeed in
| taking back some of the market share that Firefox has gotten back from
| them, who's to say that they're not going to disappear again? My issue
| is not so much at a product level; it's at a company level. How do you
| trust a company that left everyone out in the cold for five years?


In another article he spoke about popups and the lack of defence users
received. Without competition there is apathy. Yet another big danger of
harbouring monopolies.

Best wishes,


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