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Re: [News] Putting Old Laptops Back to Life, Using GNU/Linux

Hadron Quark wrote:
> Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> "Out-of-date stories", you mean. Linux emerged a decade or so after its
>> competition, you know. Laptops have been around for many years.
> Dont be silly.
> Laptops are generally even engineered for windows. Laptop users tend to
> be the suit brigade - and they use windows. Sorry.
> I happen to be in the second hand market for an IBM Thinkpad of some
> sort and its great that Linux runs on low spec HW because I can get an
> old one cheap as chips : but I'm under no illusion about Linux &
> laptops. Sure its getting better but theres always loads of dodgy HW in
> laptops and a LOT of hardcore tinkering has to be done to load linux
> onto them. I know this as a fact.
> See the other thread : sleep mode doesnt even work on thinkpads in a lot
> of cases.

Sure, sleep mode works.  Press <START> <LOGOFF> <SHUTDOWN>.  See?

Seriously, I see it worthwhile to install Linux on an old laptop whose
battery is shot, now being used plugged in to AC adapter.  Battery is
expensive enough (usually over $100 US, 54 GBP) to not make it worthwhile
to buy a replacement.

That is what I plan to do with my Dell C600, 850 MHz laptop.  I am just not
in a big hurry yet, but am shooting to do in a month or two.

Something like this is ideal to take along for a trip.  There is less
investment, so one is not as worried about loss if someone nicks it.  Also,
the added security of Linux makes it ideal to work wireless in hotel cyber

About the only time I would accept a Stinkpad is if someone gave one to me
free.  ;-)


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