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[News] Red Hat's Future is Bright

Why Red Hat will NOT go bust because of Ubuntu

,----[ Quote ]
| Free Software Magazine has an interesting article claiming that Red Hat
| with whither and die at the expense of Ubuntu.
| It's an interesting theory, but one that is based on a fundamentally
| flawed understanding of enterprise software purchasing (closed or
| open source).
| The theory goes that by targeting the corporate market and turning Red
| Hat Linux into the Fedora project, the company "effectively abandoned
| its desktop audience", while Ubuntu, which is a very fine operating
| system, has been growing steadily in the desktop market and is now
| poised to do the same on the server.


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Red Hat Growth Makes Analyst 'Believer'

,----[ Quote ]
| In addition to Red Hat, Prudential analyst John McPeake also
| initiated coverage of CRM software provider Salesforce.com and
| e-commerce software vendor Art Technology Group. If Salesforce.com
| integrated its applications with companies' pricing, inventory and
| billing systems, he said, it would dominate the market.


Also mentioned before in:

Red Hat Gets Blessing from Analyst...

,----[ Quote ]
| "We had been skeptical that the company would be able to win with a
| free software product/paid support model, but the company's 6-fold growth
| in free cash flow since 2003 has made us believers," wrote McPeake. The
| analyst added that he is looking for 40 percent growth in customers who
| pay for support of the free software in coming years.


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