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[News] Dell Ceases to Develop Windows Mobile PDA's

Dell stops PDA development?

,----[  ]
| Dell halted R&D development of PDA products since the middle of 2005,
| when Dell's Taiwan Design Center (TDC) completed development of the
| PC vendor's last Axim-series device, which was manufactured by High
| Tech Computer (HTC), according to market sources.
| ...Dell has not announced new PDAs for almost a year and PDA products
| that it currently offers are old models that were introduced in 2004, 
| indicated the sources. In addition, the PC vendor has not shown any moves 
| in the PDA phone and GPS-enable PDA segments, the sources noted.
| [...]
| According to International Data Corporation (IDC), the worldwide
| handheld device market continued to slide in shipments on a yearly
| basis in the first quarter of 2006, with a 19.4% decrease.


This could open the door to competition, such as the (Linux-based) Nokia
tablet, (Linux-based) mobile phones (recall the alliance that revolves
around mobile Linux) and even Palm (despite recent delays and woe over the
new Linux-based O/S).

To be fair...

PDA sales in freefall

,----[ Quote ]
| Shipments of handheld mobile devices in Western Europe have taken a
| record tumble this quarter. Manufacturers who were hoping sales of
| converged devices (i.e. smartphones) would help offset the decline,
| are also in for a disappointing time, according to analyst house IDC.


Maybe 3G phones are the way to go..

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