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Re: [News] Mozilla: Firefox Surpasses 15% Market Share

__/ [ John A. Bailo ] on Thursday 03 August 2006 17:48 \__

> Hadron Quark wrote:
>> Out of curiosity, and at the risk of appearing even stupider than I am,
>> why is even in MSs interest to worry so much about IE?  It doesnt
>> generate revenue for them does it?
> I've posed that question lots of times.
> I don't know why they "killed" Netscape in the first place back in the 90s.
> It makes no sense to me except some kind of wanton bloodlust.
> Now they are going to great pains to create IE7 -- which basically /undoes/
> all of their "web integrated" architecture up through IE6 and makes it more
> like...Firefox!
> Well, guys, why bother...why not just use Firefox and promote it.   I mean,
> listen up Steve Ballmer -- if you want to gain immense PR points, and erase
> some of the negativity in the user community, this would be the ideal way
> for you.
> I mean, ok, they may have thought that they had to fear Netscape because it
> was another CSS company -- but Firefox is open source...they could even
> take Firefox and make enhancements and redistribute a SP3XP optimized
> version of it.
You are forgetting that Firefox is the route to a migration to Mac OS/Linux.
What does not weaken Microsoft's competition (e.g. Google search) is
permitting threat to resurface (e.g. Web services, desktop software like
Google Chat which ruins MSN's advertisement-based revenue stream). Take for
example Mozilla Thunderbird, which offers another type of independence from

As I said in my reply to Hadron, there will be many more factors to consider.
Including the closing of what formerly was a standard and thereby preventing
the entry of rivals (e.g. OpenOffice was fortunate to receive some code that
originates from a German company and reverse-engineered Office components).

Best wishes,


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