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Re: [News] Thurrot Shows Concerns Over State of Windows Vista

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> http://www.winsupersite.com/showcase/winvista_ready.asp

Ha ... Windows evangelists make the *best* _Linux_ advocates ;)

I particularly like this bit:

"Or take IE 7. Please. I use IE for one thing and one thing only: The
magazine's Web portal requires IE to post articles, and because I post
WinInfo articles every day, I need to use IE. Every day. In IE 7, the
rich edit control that forms the basis of the third party ActiveX
control we used to post article bodies not only doesn't work, it is
actually deprecated in Vista so that it will never work, even if you
manually install it. That means I will have to use an older version of
IE, in a virtual machine, to post WinInfo articles for the foreseeable
future. Stupid."

There's an incredible irony in a proprietary browser breaking its own
pseudo-standards ... the same non-standards that it used to alienate
the competition, and then leaving those, who've dug themselves into a
hole of dependency on those proprietary methods, high and dry.

I like it. It's hilarious.

How much longer before the insidious phrase "You need Internet
Explorer to view this page" disappears from the Web forever?

Not soon enough.

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