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Re: eBuyer Linux box - 200 UKP

__/ [ Sean Inglis ] on Friday 04 August 2006 11:56 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> __/ [ Sean Inglis ] on Thursday 03 August 2006 16:06 \__
>> > http://www.ebuyer.com/UK/product/114018/rb/20807645534
>> >
>> > All this and DRDOS 7.0 :-)
>> I have come across offers that were much better than this one. The
>> processor, RAM, and disk capacity are decent though. No preinstalled or
>> presupplied Linux though, which is a shame. eSys, for example, give SUSE
>> or Mandrake. FWIW also see:
>> http://lxer.com/module/newswire/view/66518/
> Oh, any links to these offers (for the UK) ? I thought £200 was pretty
> good, but I haven't needed to upgrade for such a long time that I'm
> probably well behind :-)

The computer that I bought last year[1] cost just GBP 165 and a few months
later it could be bought for just GBP 127. 2.2GhZ; 256 RAM; 40 GB HDD; SUSE
9.3. Search for "eSys". They have a Linux laptop that sold for about GBP 227
(IIRC) at the beginning of the year. The machine will accept merely any
Linux distro and should give you no trouble at all. Everything works out of
the box (not just with SUSE).

Best wishes,


[1] I use the computer at home very little, so no need for cutting edge.

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