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[News] More Vista and IE7 Rants from a WordPress Buddy


,----[ Quote ]
| I was in the Sony store the other day because Vista has been driving me
| nuts, I can't find my restore disks, and in a moment of weakness I was
| contemplating a new laptop. Anyway they had some pretty nice models, but
| what struck me most when playing around with the different computers wast
| hat IE7 was installed as the default browser on each of these
| computers. Consider IE7 wrecks havoc on sites like WordPress.org, Ib
| etter start testing with it.

This reminded me of something from Thurrot, which was published last night
(thanks, (H)omer):


,----[ Quote ]
| "Or take IE 7. Please. I use IE for one thing and one thing only: The
| magazine's Web portal requires IE to post articles, and because I post
| WinInfo articles every day, I need to use IE. Every day. In IE 7, the
| rich edit control that forms the basis of the third party ActiveX
| control we used to post article bodies not only doesn't work, it is
| actually deprecated in Vista so that it will never work, even if you
| manually install it. That means I will have to use an older version of
| IE, in a virtual machine, to post WinInfo articles for the foreseeable
| future. Stupid."

Relates to:


,----[ Quote ]
| My advice is simple: Boycott IE. It?s a cancer on the Web that must be
| stopped. IE isn?t secure and isn?t standards-compliant, which makes
| it unworkable both for end users and Web content creators. Because of
| their user bases, however, Web developers are hamstrung into developing
| for IE at the expense of established standards that work well in all
| other browsers. You can turn the tide by demanding more from Microsoft
| and by using a better alternative Web browser. I recommend and useM
| ozilla Firefox, but Apple Safari (Macintosh only) and Opera 8 are both
| worth considering as well.

Some of the remainder from the new article (yesterday):

,----[ Quote ]
| We might call Windows Vista a "train wreck" for simplicity's sake. But
| it's getting better. Seriously.
| Is Windows Vista ready?
| No. God, no.
| [...]
| Will Vista be ready in time?
| Honestly, who cares? After five years of delays, another six months
| isn't going to make a difference.

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