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Re: Why Linux Has Failed Beginners

__/ [ Au79 ] on Saturday 05 August 2006 03:42 \__

> CoolTechZone.com - USA
> (Column) - Over the years, I've had a number of people asking me what I
> believe the problem was with further migration over to Linux by the public
> at large. ...

I loathed that article when I read the other day. It lost me when I glimpsed
over the following paragraphs:

,----[ Quote ]
| One the biggest issues that I have seen are the total lack of
| cooperation from within the corporate side of Linux. Not with the
| Linux community mind you, rather with the companies who make Linux
| their business. It can be truly hair pulling, let me tell you.
| There has been a lot of press about Linux companies who choose to "do
| it better" and yet they fail to understand that part of "doing it
| better" also involves working together in an effort to get Linux out of
| the hands of the geeks and into the hands of people who need it the
| most - the beginner PC user.

While the point may be valid, it neglects to mention the importance of a
community and community-based codebase. One of the appeals of Linux is that
ownership is the user's, not the vendor's. Look at what Oracle do (or not
do) to Linux. This reminds me of an article that was published yesterday:


A New Direction for Open-Source Software

,----[ Quote ]
| It's not surprising that some open-source software companies consider
| closing their source code, said Dennis Cox, chief technical officer
| at BreakingPoint Systems. Closing the code and selling future versions
| or becoming the official supplier of support services can be
| profitable, Cox said. 

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