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Re: eWEEK Praises SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10

Interesting review.  They ding SLED for being more difficult than
Ubuntu on software downloads, but recommend that corporations try it
for 60 days, especially in a Windows-centric environment, and report
back to them (eWeek) about their experiences.

Feedback loops between corporate users and developers on usability are
new in the Linux world, but at the rate Linux has been improving, they
can only rapidly eliminate any shortcomings in desktop Linux and ease
the transition from Windows.

Another issue is the competition between Novell and Ubuntu on the
desktop (I've seen lots of comments about the RedHat-Ubuntu
competition).  Novell has put a lot of energy and money into the Linux
desktop, and I wonder if they are in danger of losing their investment
because of Ubuntu.  Personally I was planning to use Suse on my next
round of installations, but now am considering Ubuntu instead.

As for Ubuntu, as I understand it, it has resulted from a $10
million/year investment by Shuttleworth (I guess he's paying the Ubuntu
developers, right?).  This is just a few days' fine for Microsoft for
antitrust violations, and nothing compared to their advertising budget.
 But MS is investing heavily in a 60% rewrite of XP code, while Linux
just seems to leap ahead on minimal resources.

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