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Re: Four Countries Order 4 Million Linux-Powered OLPC Laptops

Hadron Quark wrote:
> Roy Schestowitz writes:
>> before, knowledge must be gained in oder to plant seeds effectively and
>> deal with disease. Remedy without education is hard for the same reason
>> why
> Books roy. You are simply wowed by the technology.
>> desire and morale without basic tools (e.g. shovels, vehicles) leads to a
>> dead end. You simply prefer not to see through, but I respect your
>> stance, too. *smile*
>> Mind the fact that many countries that will receive the laptop are not in
>> Africa and hunger is not an issue there. The advancement of science and
>> technology can be beneficial.
> A laptop is not a teacher. It is a highly breakable storage medium with
> a CPU. For real subjects, practical in 3rd world nations, you still need
> a teacher and a class atmosphere. or do you see Africe providing a cheap
> source of bash programmers?
> I love to see initiatives to help.  But not this one.  It is simply a
> grandiose scheme to prove a point IMO. 

The notebooks are tools.  You are assuming way too much.  These tools give
those children who have an aptitude for technology and teachers who want to
teach technology a way to bridge the gap, for societies that cannot
otherwise afford the technology.

The tools will come as the notebooks are distributed.  There will be those
who will donate their time to create applications for the notebooks.  Back
in the hay day of home computers (Sinclair ZX-81, Radio Shack Colour
Computer, Tano Dragon, Atari 800, Commodore VIC, etc.), there were many
BASIC programs that one could download, obtain from a clone shop or
manually enter.  Even children were developing applications and games.  You
do not need a lot of resources when you USE YOUR IMAGINATION [TM].


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