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Re: "Linux was created by intelligent people for intelligent people"

Paul Redpath wrote:

> Ramon F Herrera wrote:
>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> > Linux: Idiots Need Not Apply
>> >
>> > ,----[ Quote ]
>> > | This is one of the reasons why an intelligent user must love Linux;
>> > | it is for grown ups. The operating system doesn't pester you with
>> > | messages; it's rather like being given the car keys by your father
>> > | for the first time and being told, "Take her out for a spin." Where
>> > | you go, what you do, is up to you. Linux assumes that I am going to
>> > | take the time to study my computer and gain a basic understanding of
>> > | how it works; there are plenty of materials to assist me. It assumes
>> > | that I am going to think about what I am doing when I set it up. It
>> > | lets me customise the components that it utilises. The result is a
>> > | computer which runs as intelligently as I've been able to customise
>> > | it. In short, Linux was created by intelligent people for intelligent
>> > | people, and this has led to an intelligent product which functions
>> > | intelligently.
>> > `----
>> >
>> >                                 http://www.linuxextremist.com/?p=74
>> Couldn't agree more, Roy.  When I first came to the USA, during the 80s
>> oil boom, there was a group of several of us Venezuelans on government
>> scholarships, but only two of us knew enough English to order food at
>> the school cafeteria.  Several of my compatriots could only use their
>> finger to point to he desired food item, and many times they called me
>> for help translating: "he doesn't wnat mustard, just ketchup".
>> I am sure you folks have realized the meaning of the above analogy.
>> While an ignorant person will only use a finger (or mouse pointer) to
>> order an item, the more intelligent, fluent people can order a fancy
>> meal verbalizing it in all the glorious detail that even the most
>> demanding gourmet would approve.
>> I know that the above analogy applies better to GUI vs. CLI, but it
>> still works for dumb versus articulated people.
>> -Ramon
> Yeah. Thats the problem with slopware OS and why nobody wants to use
> it. I got news for you. The reason that Windows will always have 95%
> market share is because 95% of people in the real world aint geeks who
> want to customise components and customise all the shit that you find
> inside a computer. People just want to plug in computer, flip power
> switch and have it work for them.
> If this were car then the slopware lintard car would force driver to
> know in great detail how transmission and rear differential work.
> Driver would be forced to learn how fuel and air mixture is calculated
> and understand details of fuel injection and harmonic balancers. No
> driver interested in learning this shit. Drivers just want to get in
> car and have it work.
> Just like nobody but geeks with no life, no girlfriend and nothing to
> do but tinker with silly computer will be willing to sit around all day
> and customise stupid distro to get it to work in correct way.

which is why I'll never get into a Wintendo car. Don't ever want to be in a
vehicle who's engine dies without warning, or one where I have to
requisition a new drivers license every time I fuel up, for that matter be
restricted to a specific VERY EXPENSIVE FUEL, and there's NO FUCKING WAY
I'll get into a car who's history of EXPLODING WITHOUT WARNING, it's
open for all to see!

Give me my Linux car. I'll have it running HOW I want, WHEN I want and TO
WHERE I want. In about twenty minutes.

Microsoft: You're not going ANYWHERE today!
GNU/Linux: Good morning, Dave. Would you like some coffee for your journey?
Mac OS: Bah, who needs windows?
When all else fails...
Use a hammer.


Some people are like Slinkies;
They serve no particular purpose,
But they bring a smile to your face
When you push them down the stairs.

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