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Re: KDE & Gnome

  • Subject: Re: KDE & Gnome
  • From: Hadron Quark <hadron@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 05 Aug 2006 14:51:19 +0200
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Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> __/ [ Kier ] on Saturday 05 August 2006 12:38 \__
>> On Sat, 05 Aug 2006 13:06:27 +0200, Hadron Quark wrote:
>>> Tony Gist <piltdown@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> <snip>
>>>> Every time I fire up a live CD which uses Gnome the reaction is allways
>>>> the same - disappointment. Comments along the lines of "it looks like
>>>> something I used to have on my computer" inevitably occur. I know, it is
>>>> unfair for potential converts to judge an OS by its cover (desktop) but
>>>> first impressions do count.
>>>> Anyway, the upshot is that I now allways fire up a live CD that uses KDE
>>>> with far more positive results. Once I've gained their interest, then I
>>>> demonstrate the other desktops available illustrating the flexibility of
>>>> Linux.
>>>> The notion that Gnome is holding back the wider adoption of Linux is
>>>> perhaps taking things a bit far. But, it does make you wonder.
>>> http://www.gnome.org/start/2.0/screenshots/
>>> Looks ok to me.
> GNOME is great. KDE is great too. The two DE's suit different people with
> different work habits (and different tastes). Some like it blue. Some
> like

How do work habits suit the different WMs? I have a mix & match og gnome
& KDE apps since neither has a full suite of things which actually work.

> it brown. You say potato. I say pottatto. I was using GNOME and KDE in
> tandem for a while. Each has its strengths and its weaknesses.
>> Me, too. I really like Gnome.
>> I've read where some say it's too Windows-like (same for KDE), but
>> personally I never saw the resemblence. KDE, maybe, a bit. Up until
>> recently I was using KDE pretty much exclusively, and with the rise of
>> Ubuntu I got curious about how Gnome was doing, so I started checking out
>> Gnome-centric Live CDs to see what I'd been missing (I used to use Gnome,
>> back around 2.4 or something). I was quickly hooked.
> I'd never say something like GNOME or KDE looks like Windows. Windows is a
> Mac OS ripoff, which is probably a Xerox (PARC?)

No it isnt. Its nothing like a mac.

> inheritance/influence/inspiration. Just because the DE is composed of frames
> (windows) does not means it /is/ Windows (with a capital "W"). Don't flatter
> Microsoft for stealing ideas and acquiring companies. They do not deserve
> any special credit.
>> While I still like and use KDE, Gnome is now my preferred environment.
>> Some find it ugly, but I think it's very pretty and pleasant to use.
> GNOME can be made beaitiful. You like the Tiger looks? Make it look
> like OS

I find gnome nice enough, reliable, and snappy. Its the apps I'm more
interested in.

> X. You like the Windows XP La-La Land look? That shouldn't be a problem
> either. GNOME can be made almost identical to Vista, too (if you are willing
> to follow a short guide, apt-getting for a few minutes).

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