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Re: [News] MP Unhappy with Computer Systems of National Health Service

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> MP says NHS IT should be flushed
> ,----[ Quote ]
> | "Currently, with most existing systems, information stays on the
> | computer where it was originated and can't be accessed by other doctors
> | and nurses to treat patients," it said.
> `----
> They use _a lot_ of Microsoft technology in the NHS.

yep, and none of it communicates.

You know how GPs get patient information these days?


The ones that /do/ run on computerised systems pretty much use the computers
to print out prescriptions, and that's about it.

About the most advanced methods of getting patient info across is by using
email, and that's a /rare/ event. Although hospital networks are fairly
widely used, they don't interoperate either and there's little to no
outside communication with them aside from hardcopy, either. Hospital
visits still terminate with yellow patient-copy and wads of data
being /posted/ to the given GP.

The NHS needs an opensource overhaul. And they can forget this Dr. Notes
crapola I've been hearing about. That's just one company thinking they have
the niche and one over on the small practitioners - they don't have
anything on the practitioners, they're putting people's lives in danger.

When all else fails...
Use a hammer.


Some people are like Slinkies;
They serve no particular purpose,
But they bring a smile to your face
When you push them down the stairs.

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