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Re: Mozilla Firefox Exceeding 200,000,000 Download

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> http://www.spreadfirefox.com/node/24502

200 million downloads.  If everyone only installed it on ONE machine,
it would still be over 20% of the total installed base, and twice as
many machines as the top 6 OEMs (Dell, HP, Lennovo, Gateway, Toshiba,
Sony) produce in a year.

And we know that it's pretty trivial to burn a copy to a CD and give it
to a friend, to put it on a memory stick and "pass it around", to put
it in a share and install from there.

> Comment: let's just wait and see how many people simply let Windows update
> itself. To make competition 'fair', Internet Explorer 7 will install itself
> on all Windows XP machines. We shall see if OneCare will wipe Opera and
> Firefox. Ironically, Windows users need IE in order to get Firefox or Opera
> installed.

Actually, that isn't entirely true.  Look at the list of scenarios
above.  All of those involve putting a self installing EXE onto media
which can read without IE.

As for, IE-7, will ActiveX be gone and/or disabed by default?  Will,
users have total control over what goes into their machines, and what
comes out?  Will IE run under a "crippled user mode" that can't alter
your hard drive without explicit permission from the user?

If not, then the same dynamics that drove firefox in the first place,
will just make it spread faster.

Some companies have already blocked some Microsoft "updates".  IBM
blocked SP2 for almost 2 years, telling their employees NOT to install
it.  The upgrade broke so much third party software that was superior
to Microsoft's offerings in terms of security, stability, and
auditability, that it wasn't loaded.

The only T40 and earlier machines running SP/2 are those which have
been reimaged due to hard drive and dll corruption.

Sadly, that is nearly all of them. 


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